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"Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words": Mark Twain

What do you want from an editorial services company?

Is it a large-scale generalist ‘B2B content marketing agency’ with expensive offices in the West End, but little knowledge of the re/insurance industry? Or a specialist insurance and risk management editorial services company headed by the two most experienced freelance journalists in the sector, such as Zigzag Publishing?

We believe that Zigzag Publishing offers a tried and tested, cost-effective, experienced alternative that understands the re/insurance sector. We know, because we are constantly asked to work as freelancers for these B2B content marketing agencies.

Zigzag Publishing offers unmatched experience, deep knowledge of the industry, high quality writing and editorial skills, and quality design teams. All of this delivered cost effectively because we cut out the expensive middlemen.

Inform, educate, and entertain

Zigzag believes that copy should be informative, highlight the experience and capabilities of the company, and be entertaining to read. Too many publications look the same, read the same and cover the same topics. Clients, both existing and potential, are bombarded with publications and marketing material. They need a reason to read yours.

Zigzag offers quality writing and coverage of relevant and current issues, combined with broader features on interesting topics related to the risk and insurance world.

Don’t risk your reputation on large-scale editorial services companies/B2B content marketing agencies that don’t understand the sector and charge the earth.

What we do

Dowding and Booth have written for most of the leading re/insurance and risk management publications, as well as the Financial Times and CFO Europe. Booth specialises in reinsurance, commercial insurance, and alternative risk transfer, while Dowding specialises in commercial insurance, global insurance programmes, risk management, and captive insurance.

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