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Management Reports For Sale

"Knowledge is the food of the soul": Plato

Zigzag Publishing has produced a number of high quality Management Reports, written by Garry Booth and Tony Dowding. Each 20,000 word report provides in-depth knowledge on the given subject and comes as PDF file.7

Buy Now, Pay Later

We are so confident that you will find our reports useful that when you order one of our reports, it will be immediately delivered by email in PDF form. Then we’ll invoice you and you pay us. If the report is not what you expected, let us know and you can return it without paying us. There is no risk with our reports. All we ask is that you don’t copy and distribute it without our knowledge.

To Order

Each report is around 20,000 words and costs £250 plus VAT. To order, please complete the following form, ticking the box next to the report(s) you require, then press the "order reports" button at the bottom of the page.

Please note that the fields in bold are compulsory.

The Reports currently available are:
Basic Guide to... Captive Insurance
Module 1: Multinational Insurance Programmes - retentions, structuring, and exposures
Module 2: Multinational Insurance Programmes - regulation, taxation, implementation, and operation
An Introduction to Credit Insurance and Political Risk

Upcoming Reports:

Employer’s Liability (Insurance and Loss Control)
Credit Insurance & Political Risk
Alternative Risk Transfer

If you do not wish to purchase a report but would like to to be informed when these upcoming reports become available, please fill in the above form and tick this box.

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